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Cellulite: How to get rid of it

3 Methods to Treat Cellulite

Cellulite, also called orange peel skin , affects 90% of women! 

Dimples appear when the amount of fat cells accumulates in the subcutaneous connective tissue, causing narrowing of the blood vessels.

3 effective products to fight cellulite

1. The anti-cellulite massager

Effective on all types of cellulite, you must practice it 10 minutes a day to see results from the first week. It is recommended to use it with a good massage oil. 

Opt for a less painful and more effective electric massager

2. The muscle strengthening band:

Recommended for fatty cellulite! Weight loss and strength training are the most effective weapons. Muscle strengthening helps to strengthen the body and make orange peel skin disappear.


Firm thighs, elimination of toxins, soft skin, draining function, anti-orange peel effect... associated with your sporting activity

4. EMS: electrostimulation

Effective only on fatty cellulite especially on the stomach, arms and legs

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