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Push-Up Pump Handles

Push-Up Pump Handles

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Features of VERSATIMS pump handles:

Building muscle mass: Handles allow you to build muscle with body weight without risk of injury to your arms and pectorals.

Floor protection: The feet of these push-up bars are covered with non-slip foam, which protects your floor from possible scratches and reduces noise pollution. These push-up bars are non-slip thanks to the foam that covers them. They therefore provide a good grip, as safe as they are comfortable.

Do Push-ups Easily: VERSATIMS push-up bars are as easy to assemble as they are to disassemble. Their light weight allows you to use them at home and take them anywhere, at work or while traveling.

Injury-free push-ups : VERSATIMS push-up bars have been designed to be ergonomic and thus reduce pressure on the joints. Your training will be more enjoyable and the results will be significantly better in terms of the different muscles.

Quality pump handles: As with all our V ERSATIMS products, we emphasize quality from the manufacturing process. This guarantees a long lifespan for our products. We use high quality materials meeting French quality criteria.

Take your grips everywhere:

With the push-up handles work the pectorals and arms:

Do push-ups without hurting yourself:

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