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bodybuilding elastic

bodybuilding elastic

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Muscle gains guaranteed with our elastics!

1. Mass gain:

Resistances to improve strength and fitness, especially when traveling or for those without access to a gym.

2. Strengthen the whole body :

Thighs, glutes and lower back. Deadlift: thighs, glutes, upper and lower back. Bench press and push-ups with the bands perform all exercises with the resistance bands.

3. Versatility:

The kit can be used during all training sessions. You can also use them for general exercises, stretching, strength training and strength training programs.

4. Fat loss and bodybuilding:

Our resistance bands strengthen muscles, burn fat, increase endurance and improve flexibility. You can achieve the same level of fitness at home using your body. Use these resistance bands to perform rows, pull-ups, raises and sets of fly exercises to exercise your arms, back, hips, legs, chest and abdominal area.

Choose your resistance:

Strengthen your upper and lower body

All the accessories in one your kit:

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