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Weight training pulley

Weight training pulley

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What is the pulley for:

1. Building muscle: You can use the home strength training pulley system to perform LAT pulldowns, forearm strength training, train biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, build muscles, strengthen the core and improve strength. flexibility to gain muscle quickly.

2. Easy to assemble: Simply pass the upgraded loading pin through the center hole of the weight plate and connect the parts. Loading up to 100 kg. Double safety loops on the cable, a free tool is included to adjust the length.

3. Efficiency: Pulleys are useful for working a muscle in isolation and are interesting for the biceps, the triceps, each shoulder beam or even the pectorals.

4. Catch up on the pectorals: When you want to catch up, the objective is to isolate the muscle concerned as much as possible, which the pulley allows you to do by correctly isolating the pectorals.

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