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Resistance bands

Resistance bands

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Pilates bar features:

Resistance straps: useful for various ranges of exercise, the straps allow you to add the resistance necessary to work on different muscle areas.

Suitable for all fitness levels: the VERSATIMS pilates bar is suitable for all levels, whether you are someone new to fitness or a novice, the elasticity of the straps will adapt to any type of fitness. morphology.

Advantage of Pilates Bar Training: From biceps and triceps curls to lunges, squats and much more, the VERSATIMS Pilates Bar allows you to work your entire body. Sculpt and tone your abs and build muscle.  

Multiple uses: designed to help you practice yoga, pilates and stretching.

Easy to transport: with its removable stick, the VERSATIMS pilates bar can be transported anywhere, to the office on vacation or at home.


Suitable for a variety of fitness occasions, gym, home, office and so on.
Exercise your muscles, keep healthy.


Product Size: Total Length 92cm/36.22"
Steel Tube Thickness 22mm/0.87"
Handle Diameter About 33mm/1.3"
TPE Tension Tube: Diameter 10mm/0.39"
Product Color: Blue
Product Weight: 900g

Package Content:

1 x Yoga Rally

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