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Buttock electrostimulation -Versatims

Buttock electrostimulation -Versatims

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What is gluteal electrostimulation used for:

1. Firm and muscular buttocks: Buttock electrostimulation is the best product for women wishing to have firm and rounded buttocks. Just press the button to start exercising.

2. Effectiveness : 10 minutes a day is enough for 2 weeks to see the first results. Rounded buttocks, firm and muscular thighs.

3. Advanced EMS Technology: Electrical muscle stimulation sends signals to muscles directly to promote muscle movements, tighten your body muscles, to achieve a perfect figure. .

4. Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you encounter any problems with your electrostimulation device, please contact our customer service. We are committed to providing you with a quick response to satisfy you – we promise! We refund, no questions asked!

Muscular and rounded buttocks in 1 month

Simple electrostimulation at home

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