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articulated knee brace

articulated knee brace

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Removal and soothing of knee pain :

With its lateral stabilizers and padding, this articulated knee brace holds the knee firmly, providing relief for those suffering from knee sprains, cruciate ligament injuries (ACL and PCL), tendinitis, patellar syndrome and others ailments. It also prevents the after-effects linked to these pathologies.

Hold level :

Very high, perfect for extreme sports such as Skiing, Snowboarding, Motocross, Mountain Biking, and specially adapted for water sports such as Wakeboarding, Kite-surfing, and Paddle.

Comfort and support :

The neoprene wicks away moisture, and the non-slip lining ensures optimal comfort while keeping the knee brace in place. Its great elasticity allows a perfect fit, and the double radius effectively protects the meniscus.

Lightness and robustness :

Weighing only 600 grams, it is made of avional, an ultra-light aluminum alloy used in the aeronautical industry.

Relaxing thermal effect :

Neoprene, an insulating component, warms muscles, promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling and helps relieve chronic pain related to arthritis.

4 Support Points System :

This innovative mechanism stabilizes the knee by controlling the instability of a deficient knee, providing optimal protection against twisting and hyperextension.

Aquatic use :

Can be used in aquatic environments. For use in salt water, it is recommended to rinse the orthosis in fresh water after each use.

When to use this articulated knee brace?

  • When returning to sport after an injury.
  • In case of serious knee sprain.
  • Following meniscal or cartilage surgery.
  • For high-level athletes or those practicing extreme sports.

With this articulated knee brace, benefit from optimal support while enjoying unparalleled comfort all day long.


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