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Compression gloves - Immediate relief of joint pain

Compression gloves - Immediate relief of joint pain

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Say goodbye to hand pain with our premium gloves

Pain and Sensitivity:

 Compression gloves put even pressure on the hand joints, which can help reduce pain and sensitivity. This constant pressure can also increase blood circulation, helping to relieve pain caused by inflammation.

Joint Rigidity:

By improving blood circulation, compression gloves can help reduce morning stiffness and improve joint mobility. They can also provide gentle heat that helps relax muscles and reduce stiffness.

Swelling :

The compression provided by the gloves can help reduce swelling by encouraging the return of fluid away from the joints and toward the heart. This can help decrease inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis.

Joint Deformation:

they provide support that helps prevent further deformities. They can also help align joints, which can reduce the risk of future deformities.

Decreased Function and Strength:

By reducing pain and swelling, and improving joint mobility, compression gloves can help improve hand function and strength. This can enable people to carry out daily tasks with greater ease and comfort.

It is essential to choose the right size compression gloves and consult a healthcare professional to ensure they are appropriate for each individual's specific condition.

Measure the width of your hand to find out your size:

Size Hand width (cm)
S 0cm to 7.9cm
M 8cm to 8.9cm
L 9cm to 10.1cm

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