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XXL flat stomach sheath

XXL flat stomach sheath

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Improve your figure with our waist slimming sheath

Our waist slimming shapewear is designed to smooth and refine your figure. It perfectly matches the curves of your body to create an elegant and refined silhouette. Whether you're wearing a bodycon dress or fitted jeans, our shapewear will help you feel confident and comfortable.

A latex core for weight loss and waist sculpting

The sheath features a latex core that helps with weight loss and waist sculpting. Latex is a naturally elastic and durable material that provides optimal compression while remaining comfortable. By wearing our shapewear, you can help your body sculpt and define your waistline in a natural and effective way.

A belt for firm waist control

Our slimming shapewear includes a belt that provides firm waist control. It helps flatten the stomach and slim your waist. By attaching the belt, you can create additional compression that helps sculpt your waist and flatten your tummy. It is a simple and effective solution to obtain a slimmer and more toned silhouette.

Elastic adhesive straps for easy adjustment and secure closure

The sheath is equipped with elastic adhesive straps that allow for easy adjustment and secure closure. These straps ensure that the belt is snug around your abdomen. They are easy to adjust and close, allowing you to wear the girdle comfortably all day long.

In summary, our waist trainer is a powerful tool to improve your figure. It provides firm but comfortable compression, aids in weight loss and waist sculpting, and is easy to adjust and close. Whether you're looking to slim your figure for a special occasion or improve your posture every day, our slimming shapewear is the ideal choice. Order now and start seeing results!


Function: Fat burning, slimming, fitness, body shaping, weight loss.

Suitable for sports, running, gym, workout, yoga, workout, etc.

SIZE Height(cm) waist circumference (cm)
S 87 57-70
M 97 72-81
L 107 81-92
XL 117 92-102
2XL 127 102-112



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