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medical pain relief knee brace

medical pain relief knee brace

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knee pain:

Firmly supports the knee thanks to the lateral stabilizers and the perfect padding for people who suffer from knee sprains, cruciate ligament injuries (anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament), tendinitis (patellar tendon damage), patellar syndrome, etc. are after-effects prevented by wearing the anti-pain knee brace .

100% comfortable knee support and does not slip

The neoprene wicks away moisture and the product has a non-slip lining that promotes comfort and fit of the knee brace. The adhesive strip: sticky and easy to remove. The high elasticity allows for a better fit and more comfortable knee support. The double spoke firmly protects the meniscus .

Comfortable to wear all day long: 

You will not feel the weight of the knee brace. The fiber is flexible, the fabric is thin and light, three-dimensional weaving technology provides high elasticity, good air permeability, for greater comfort. 

Relaxing thermal effect : 

Neoprene, which is an insulating component, warms the muscles to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. Helps keep the knee warm and healthy, used to relieve chronic pain related to arthritis. 

When to use your knee brace ?

  • Resumption of sport.

  • Knee sprain.

  • Benign tendinitis.

  • After healing a fracture to avoid relapse.

  • Weak lower limb.

  • Laxity pathology

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