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1. Development of muscle mass.
2. Build muscle, improve your overall endurance.
3. Dismountable and compact for easy portability and storage.
4. It is a great tool for losing weight, burning fat.
5. Toning the abs.

Quick results without breaking the bank at the gym!

Double the size of your pecs!

Push-ups are daily exercises that can be done without equipment. However, it would be a shame not to use weight training push-up handles during your training. Here's why :

- Work comfortably. No risk of injury regardless of the surface you train on

- The push-up handles being raised by approximately ten centimeters, the range of your movements will increase your mass gain

- Ideal for sheathing. This will strengthen and tone all the muscles of the upper body, abs, back, trapezius, etc.

Lose belly fat and develop your abdominal muscles!

Dry and gain mass quickly!


Less pain = More training time

Thanks to the Pump Handles Versatims™ your joints and muscles will be less painful so you will be able to do more repetitions and progress more quickly.

Fat loss

Jumping rope is full of virtues, including the ability to increase cardio endurance . It is also an excellent way to lose weight since it can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour of jumping for a 90kg person.

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