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Ab core training to strengthen your muscles

What exercises sheathing to lose belly fat?

The core is the perfect bodybuilding exercise to have a flat stomach by working the deep muscles, have prominent abs and sculpt a muscular body. Please note, these exercises are more effective with a Healthy eating. Here are some exercises to help you practice!

Do you already know everything about sheathing? So go directly to the end of the article for our tips

Sheathing on the elbows

This exercise will help strengthen the abdominal muscles and strengthen muscles. For optimal results you can hold the position for between 30 and 45 seconds. Beginners can start by getting on their knees. Thanks to the board, you will strengthen the stabilizing muscles, which will help you improve your posture.

Side plank

Works the oblique abdominal muscles, located on each side of your stomach. This exercise, highly appreciated by sports coaches, is perfect for maintaining good physical condition, refining your waistline and having tone. Remember to contract the muscles of the buttocks and try to hold on for as long as possible.

Spoon exercise

This exercise helps develop the transverse muscle and is a little more difficult but very effective for losing weight and burning calories.

Bodybuilding tips:
To avoid injuries, back pain and above all obtain better results, here are some rules:

- Vary the exercises and get better results using push-up handles or push-up bars.

- We exhale while pulling in the stomach to tone the transverse muscle.

- We push on the elbows to preserve the joint of your shoulders.

- Don't forget to warm up before each workout

- Remember to spread your legs wide, keep your spine straight and your wrists must be under your shoulders.

- Raise your upper back to avoid injury

- Contract the muscles of the buttocks and try to hold as long as possible.

- At the end of training it is absolutely necessary to stretch

- Sheathing program 4 times a week will allow you to see results quickly

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