How to build arm muscles quickly?

How to get muscular arms quickly with weight training:

One of the movements to favor will be Biceps flexion, also called Biceps curl, which allows you to quickly strengthen the biceps!

Why strengthen your biceps by doing biceps curls?

The functions of this muscle are very numerous, they are not only involved in bodybuilding or sport but also in everyday life: flexion of the shoulder, elbow and forearm, abduction and adduction of the shoulder. It is with this muscle that we lift everyday objects. It is essential for the proper functioning of the arms!

How to do biceps curls or flexions correctly?

To perform your flexions correctly and have a massive upper body, here are some indications:

To do bicep curls, you can use either a dumbbell or resistance bands or elastics, here's how to do it:

1- Stretch your forearms
2- Bend both elbows so that you hold the dumbbells or weight bands at chest height.
3- Keeping them close to your body, lift your weight machine until it is parallel to the ground.
4- Take it back down.

Bodybuilding: A special biceps workout:

Now that you know how to do biceps curls, here is a workout to gain mass on your arms:

Bodybuilding: A special biceps workout:

Don't know how to train your biceps to make them bulge quickly?

Now that you know how to do curls, follow this workout:

10 to 15 repetitions per set (up and down movement).

about two seconds for each repetition you have to take your time

30 to 90 seconds of rest after completing your set
Repeat this entire process 3 times per workout (3 sets total).
Depending on your goals you can do this workout 3 times a week

What are the best devices for strengthening your arms?

For a toned and elegant upper body, focus on weight training. Here are the most effective devices for swelling your arms and becoming strong:

Elastic bands:

They are perfect for daily training at home outside or in the gym. You have to work gradually for beginners, use an elastic band of a color corresponding to a low resistance to be able to perform the movements without difficulty. The most important thing is to execute the movement correctly. Once you are comfortable you can change color until you adopt the resistance that suits you.

Here is the best resistance band for arms:

Weight training pulleys:

The pulley really allows you to work your arms in several different ways. With your weight pulley you will be able to strengthen your arms intensively. If your goal of gaining mass is to particularly target the muscles of your arms, the pulley is the most suitable device. Very easy to use and above all ultra effective for rapid results, it is omnipresent in weight training rooms, and not for nothing!

The good news is that with Versatims you can have one in your home. Here are our recommendations:

The push-up handles:

With push-up handles, you specifically train your upper body and effectively strengthen your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles. They increase the range of your movements and give you maximum congestion effect. Perfect if you want to work with body weight without injuring yourself. The advantage is that they are practical and can be used anywhere: gym, dormitory, home, fitness room, outdoors, etc.

If you want to progress in dip push-ups and have massive arms we recommend the Versatims handles:

Bodybuilding push-up handles arm push up dips

Here is a list of other exercises to do to strengthen your arms:

  • The pumps
  • The mill
  • The hammer curl
  • The inclined curl
  • Curl at the desk
  • The pulley curl
  • Pull-ups

To get the most out of your upper body workouts, you need to use the right tools.
Versatims Kits are the ideal solution for people who want to develop their arms and shoulders.
shoulders. They're affordable and easy to use: just put them on and start training!

Sportingly yours!
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