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Pack 2 Pairs of PRO+ compression socks | VERSATIMS™

Pack 2 Pairs of PRO+ compression socks | VERSATIMS™

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1. COOL MAX TECHNOLOGY: Textiles based on the COOLMAX® system are characterized by very good breathable properties and effective moisture transport. As soon as it is transported outside, it evaporates. This means the fabric dries very quickly. Polyester textiles are also very light and soft.

2. Soothing: prevents aches and relieves foot pain after a day of walking .

3. Energizing: stimulates circulation and prevents varicose vein thrombosis, etc.

4. Non-deformable: thanks to the combination of cotton and SPANDEX you can stretch your fabric again and again and it will always return to its original size and shape.

5. Class 2 compression: this compression has already proven itself on professional athletes for rapid recovery.

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